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Welcome to the Muslim Traveler! The Muslim Traveler Blog is built for Muslims by Muslims. My mission with this blog is to inspire and help passionate Muslim travelers. We cover Muslim-friendly destinations, and help you at every point of your journey. We create content about everything from trip ideas to travel guidelines for Muslims.

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Welcome to

The Muslim Traveler

Your Muslim Travel Guide

In this blog, you’ll find hajj & umrah travel guides, travel itineraries, trip idea, destination guides, airport guides, and visa guides to help you plan your trip to next destination as a Muslim traveler!

The Muslim Traveler Blog started in 2022 with the goal to provide you with the most authentic available information and sources, tips and travel guides to make your travel more of halal and Muslim-friendly by means not by words. 

HAJJ & UMRAH GUIDES. Publishing detailed guides that helps you for hajj & umrah is something we mainly do with this blog. Each of these guides contains information on how to plan, and how to get visa, what are ways to travel, and the steps of hajj & Umrah, Islamic guidelines as well.  This also includes flight and hotel recommendations,  itineraries, travel tips, and frequently asked questions.

MUSLIM-FRIENDLY TRAVEL GUIDES. In this we cover are Muslim-friendly experiences. Unlike destination guides these guides are more focused on particular Muslim-friendly travel experiences, trip ideas, things to do, and places to visit, restaurants, people and culture, and more. This also includes flight and hotel recommendations, stay and tips, itineraries and frequently asked questions.

VISA & TRIP PLANNING GUIDES.   Creating Comprehensive visa guides/informative articles that help you plan to travel without facing challenges regarding the documents, law of the land, visa requirements, and arrangements. These guides contain details that are taken from tourism boards and organizations of different states and countries.

TRAVEL REVIEWS & RESOURCES. We share in-depth and detailed travel resources many destinations that enables Muslim Travelers visit a place hassle-free by utilizing the best resources. We share travel reviews for different travel services, hotels, airports, and airlines. These reviews and resources help in planning and making a decision for each trip a Muslim traveler takes to place.

DESTINATION GUIDES. We create well-research and informative destination guides that include every details you are likely to need before traveling. Each of these guides contains information on how to get there, best time to travel, best places to visit, what are ways to travel, travel guidelines, safety tips, travel advises and frequently asked questions.

TRAVEL TIPS. These articles contains travel tips including the Islamic etiquettes for travel, packing tips, and all other general travel tips including travel in a budget, travel more halal-friendly, travel better and safer, and much more in between. These tips are produced according to our own travel experience and based on the research with the latest updated information. 

Although this is a travel blog, we are trying to write about the Islamic way of traveling. It’s not always about the destination or fun activities to do. So, we do cover some religious aspects along with the destination and its exploring and travel opportunities. if you’re a reading who is looking for just travel experiences you can still find some content on our site to read and satisfy the adventurer inside you but we do believe in “travel for purpose or ibadah or learn the deen only”. Also, we are not in Halal Travel Business but we do work with some clients that offer something to make Muslim’s travel easier and better being part as an affiliate or advertisement partner. 


Recent update 2024: Assalamu Alikum Dear Readers, I’ve published some of old work back from 2020 when I was not writing blogs in this specific category of Muslim travelers. Even though there is nothing wrong in these recent posts you may come across but they are not written with the same standards of the Muslim traveler blog. I’m currently in the process of updating them all with Muslim-oriented content and new information, your cooperation during this process is appreciated. Waliur Rahman — Editor of TheMuslimTraveler

Update 2:

Recent update 2024: Assalamu Alikum Dear Readers, Currently we are working on our Hajj Guide, if anyone among you want to contribute any major details regarding hajj please feel free to reach out, Inshallah you’ll be rewarded for your good imput by the will of Allah. Waliur Rahman — Editor of TheMuslimTraveler