Meet The Blogger:

Waliur Rahman & The Team

Welcome to the Muslim's Traveler Guide to world.

If you think that this blog is about traveling to enjoy or traveling for fun, Well, It’s not. 

This blog is all about traveling to learn as a Muslim, and it’s about traveling to explore the signs of the creator, gain knowledge and get to know Islam and it’s history. 

While creating this blog we had this intention of inspiring Muslims to travel but not just for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment, but rather to focus on learning more about the life and to be grateful for the things that Allah has given us. In other words, with this blog we try to inspire Muslims to travel in a meaningful way. 

When we started we kept in mind other important things about traveling as a Muslim we wanted to fill the gap for Islamic content in travel, and we didn’t want to imitate traditional travel bloggers writing about their travels but it was rather a different approach keeping Muslims and their travel needs in mind. And that’s why we called the blog as “TheMuslimTraveler”. 

When we started unfortunately we didn’t have the idea of the content but later after a research we found out that we as Muslims travelers need guides that contains Islamic guidelines and real tips for travel. 

The reason we started the Muslim Traveler

We created the muslim traveler to accomplish the following

  • Sharing Positive Stories Muslims around the globe
  • Bringing The Real Definition of Halal Travel & Muslim Travel
  • Providing Authentic travel guidance and helpful travel tips for Muslims
  • Sharing our meaningful travel stories and explorations

Our goal is to write free and easy TRAVEL GUIDES focusing on Holistic travel such as hajj & umrah, and travel guides covering Islamic heritage and different Muslim-Friendly destinations around the globe, and hopefully, we’ll be able to do that for the ease of Muslim Travelers. 

Even though we don’t visit all the places and don’t travel much to publish content but our work goes through extensive research and fact-checking to make sure that we are providing with up to date information for Muslim Travelers so that they can take good decisions for their travels.

No matter whether you’ve just started traveling or you are a traveler before, Traveling as A Muslim can be challenging but we are here to help, Inshallah.

Traveling while following Islamic Etiquetes is something great and there is no late to start traveling to learn more as a Muslim.  

Our History


Assalamu Alikum, I'm Wali.

I’m Waliur Rahman Aka @themuslimtraveler — I’m a graduate of Islamic studies with a bachelor’s degree in Arabic studies as well, I discovered my passion for travel and helping travelers when I somehow became a freelance travel writer while searching for ways to make money in 2018. Even though I always wanted to bring a positive impact through travel stories and informative guides I didn’t know what kind of travel I should write about.

But later I realized that I can’t post Muslim-friendly content on random travel websites or publications, and having a blog of my own will give me more freedom to write my way. That’s where the idea of the Muslim Traveler came so I finally started this blog by the end of 2021.

Today, I’m the editor of, and the guy behind this blog who is like your friend telling his travel stories and sharing some useful tips relating to halal and Muslim-friendly travel, who is helping you to make the most of your travel in the right Islamic way.

I’m not a full-time travel blogger, and maybe will not be a full-traveler in the near future as well. But the Muslim traveler is something I am doing to help Muslim travelers by sharing quality content. Besides writing and editing my work here on this blog, I work as a teacher at an Islamic School and sometimes I work as a freelance writer. But whenever get the chance I always love to go traveling to explore the world.

Our Team


We are currently a team of Two.

We started in 2021 and currently we are a team of two people working on this blog to produce as much content as we can.

Waliur Rahman

Editor-in-Chief, Marketing Director
Waliur Rahman is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Muslim traveler blog. He has passion for traveling and travel writing as well passion for reading and writing books. He is a full-time teacher at an Islamic School and he is an aspiring author as well. He writes content about Islamic Lifestyle and Faith and cover much more things in his personal blog/website. Follow @thewaliurrahman

Uzair Faruque

Assistant Writer & Editor
Uzair is the assistant editor and writer of the Muslim traveler blog. He has passion for traveling and travel writing and passion of playing cricket and volleyball. He is a full-time student at an Islamic university and he is an aspiring Islamic Scholar.