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Assalamu Alaikum (may peace and blessings be upon you), Welcome to the Muslim Traveler Blog | Your Muslim Travel Guide. This page will give you a little bit more information about the travel we talk about, about this blog, about the blogger, and what you get here if you become one of our readers. Consider reading the full page to know everything! So let’s begin, “Bismillah”

The Travel

In the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful. And all praise is for Allah — the Lord of all worlds,

Allah (SWT) the creator of all the heavens and the earth says about traveling to explore his signs and creations

قُلْ سِيرُوا۟ فِى ٱلْأَرْضِ فَٱنظُرُوا۟ كَيْفَ بَدَأَ ٱلْخَلْقَ ۚ ثُمَّ ٱللَّهُ يُنشِئُ ٱلنَّشْأَةَ ٱلْـَٔاخِرَةَ ۚ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىْءٍۢ قَدِيرٌۭ

Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Travel throughout the land and see how He originated the creation, then Allah will bring it into being one more time. Surely Allah is Most Capable of everything. (Al-Quran: 29:20)

For Muslims traveling works as a powerful reminder as the Prophet (SWT) gave the example of a traveler and stranger to describe the value of this worldly life in the best possible way. And this hadith is among the important and well-known hadiths where He (PBUH) shares a very important piece of advice to Ibn Umar – one of the companions. Let’s read the hadith

عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ عُمَرَ ـ رضى الله عنهما ـ قَالَ أَخَذَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم بِمَنْكِبِي فَقَالَ ‏ “‏ كُنْ فِي الدُّنْيَا كَأَنَّكَ غَرِيبٌ، أَوْ عَابِرُ سَبِيلٍ ‏”‏‏.‏ وَكَانَ ابْنُ عُمَرَ يَقُولُ إِذَا أَمْسَيْتَ فَلاَ تَنْتَظِرِ الصَّبَاحَ، وَإِذَا أَصْبَحْتَ فَلاَ تَنْتَظِرِ الْمَسَاءَ، وَخُذْ مِنْ صِحَّتِكَ لِمَرَضِكَ، وَمِنْ حَيَاتِكَ لِمَوْتِكَ‏.‏

Abdullah Ibn Umar said, “Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) took hold of my shoulder and said, ‘Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler.” (The sub-narrator added) And Ibn `Umar used to say, “If you survive till the evening, do not expect to be alive in the morning, and if you survive till the morning, do not expect to be alive in the evening, and take from your health for your sickness, and (take) from your life for your death.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 6416)

The best provision for travel is the fear of Allah. And for Muslims, it’s extremely important to know what kind of travel they should be interested in and what is the best way to travel. Let’s see another hadith of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about traveling.

Anas Bin Malik (R.A) reported: He said, A man came to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and he said, “O Messenger of Allah, I intend to travel, so supplicate for my provision.” The Prophet said, “May Allah provide you with fear of Him.” The man said, “Give me more.” The Prophet said, “May He forgive your sins.” The man said, “Give me more, may my father and my mother be ransomed for you!” The Prophet said, “May He make goodness easy for you wherever you are.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 3444)

Summary: Within these Quranic verses (Ayats) and hadiths, and by numerous other ‘ayahs’ in the Quran we got to know about travel and the way of travel. The Quran & Sunnah promotes travel for pilgrimages mostly Hajj & Umrah, and other forms of worship or to study, to read the divine message, for trade and commerce, for recreation, as well as to learn from the history and the past of mankind.

The Muslim Traveler

If you think that the Muslim Traveler is about traveling to have fun and enjoy life, Well, It’s not!

This blog is about being conscious and faithful when traveling the world or planning to travel anywhere as a Muslim. It’s always not about traveling to have fun, it’s more about traveling to learn.

The truth is that today’s modern travel isn’t the travel for most Muslims out there, but still, there is a lot to explore on this planet to learn the signs of our creator and lord (Allah) the one who created us along with everything we have on this planet.

We called it the Muslim Traveler to mean a traveler who travels to learn about his lord (Allah) who is the only one, a traveler who travels to worship Allah, a traveler who travels to learn the deen, a traveler who is a believer, a traveler who is a stranger, a traveler who is an explorer, a traveler who doesn’t travel but to learn and understand this worldly life and its purpose, a traveler who travels to seek forgiveness and pleasure of Allah. And that’s the real definition of the “Muslim Traveler” we all should understand!

Travel in Islam is the way to learn and understand the creation and ourselves in a better way, and it’s the way to get the doors of Rizq (livelihood/sustenances) open for ourselves. And this blog is about travel to learn more about our creator (Allah) and to worship him alone, as well as to learn more about this world and its purpose.

The Blog | The Muslim Traveler

Being Muslims we all need to travel for so many reasons, sometimes for some special pilgrimages like hajj & umrah, sometimes for business and trade, and sometimes for meeting our relatives, and sometimes we travel just to explore the wonders of this world. And it’s been always tough for Muslim travelers to find their ideal halal travel experiences, and avoid the bad experience in their journeys. That’s where the Muslim Traveler blog comes and that’s where we are trying to play a meaningful role by bringing the real definition of halal travel and Muslim travel.

The Muslim Traveler is an independent travel blog & website built for Muslims by Muslims. The Muslim Traveler’s mission is to inform and inspire passionate Muslim travelers around the globe. We cover Muslim-friendly destinations and provide you with the help you need at every point of your journey, from trip ideas to Muslim-friendly travel guidelines, we publish so many things. We cover hajj & umrah, Muslim heritage, historical landmarks, cities, and destinations that are Muslim-friendly and feature beaches, lakes, mountains, valleys, national parks, outdoor adventures, halal food & dining experiences, and everything in between.

The Muslim Traveler is committed to helping you explore the world without compromising the ethics of Islam. The editor himself is a graduate of Islamic studies and always wanted to bring a positive impact into the Muslim/halal travel industry with authentic and well research content. Our mission is to help Muslims travel the world better and safer without compromising the Islamic rules & regulations, and guidelines given by the holy Quran & Sunnah for travel and leisure. And we do it by publishing well-researched, pure, authentic, high-quality content and articles that are interesting to read and easy to understand.

The Blogger | The Muslim Traveler

I’m Waliur Rahman Aka @themuslimtraveler — I’m a graduate of Islamic studies with a bachelor’s degree in Arabic studies as well, I discovered my passion for travel and helping travelers when I somehow became a freelance travel writer while searching for ways to make money in 2018. Even though I always wanted to bring a positive impact through travel stories and informative guides I didn’t know what kind of travel I should write about.

at that time, I started a blog about travel tips and guides being a generalist travel blogger and did that for a few months in my initial days of blogging, But later I realized that I can’t post Muslim-friendly content on random travel websites or publications, and having a blog of my own will give me more freedom to write my way. That’s where the idea of the Muslim Traveler came so I finally started this blog by the end of 2021. Know More About Wali & Team

The Goal | The Muslim Traveler

The Muslim Traveler has a mission to inspire people not limited to Muslims to travel and explore. And spreading the message of humanity, peace, and harmony in the international community is one of the main goals of this blog. The goal of The Muslim Traveler is simple yet very important, and we working on the following things

Promoting Peace & Harmony

Growing up, and living a normal life like any other Muslim I’ve seen both the hatred and the love from people for each other in the international community, and we all have somewhere seen the treatment based on national identity, religion, color, caste and community, faith, and behavior from different people. With this blog and our travel coverage, we search for the positive side of different places and their people. And we want to bring the peaceful message of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the world who taught the greatest lesson of humanity and love to all human beings saying

“Your God is one and your ancestor (Adam) is one. An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab. And a red (white tinged with red) person is not superior to black and black is not better than red, except in piety“. Musnad Ahmad.

Our goal is to spread this message by practicing it ourselves first and then sharing it with the world to make this world a better place for living. And together we can make an impact Inshallah!

Bringing The Real Definition of Halal Travel

As tourism has increased over time, Muslim travel has become more friendly with modern things and experiences, and it is becoming haram by acts and halal by words. Our intention is to be at the same definition of halal travel that is mentioned within Islam and guides people about what’s halal and what’s haram in travel as much as we can.

Our intention is to help Muslims travelers know what’s halal and what’s haram in travel and avoid bad and ugly experiences including nightlife, alcohol-friendly travel, and other activities that are prohibited in Islam, whether they travel for business, hajj & umrah, or just a vacation with their family. It is a very important aspect of our travel, which is not only getting Muslim-friendly facilities but it is more about being in a good environment, where you feel more blessed, safe, and the people of Imaan & Ethics.

Saying No to Show off Culture In Travel

Traveling in Islam started losing its meaningfulness when Muslim travelers started getting into the trap of luxury. or The fake world of travel that exists in today’s media. The problem with such kind of travel is! it can be a source of distraction for one’s faith and bring some of the worst things that are harmful to one’s mind and heart.

We might promote a service that directly or indirectly can relate to luxury travel, as it exists and is important when it comes to the audience of this blog. But our goal is to promote and practice more real-world travel that’s affordable, sustainable, hospitable, and enjoyable for Muslims. We want Muslims to keep their travel halal, (halal by meaning not by words) free from nude and show-offs, and make their travels the source of learning, believing, and living.

Want to collaborate or advertise? Let’s do it. waliur@themuslimtraveler.net or visit the advertise page of our blog.

The Message | The Muslim Traveler

By name we are The Muslim Traveler, it might seem that we are only for Muslims at a first impression. But as already mentioned our goal is to meet different communities and cultures, meet them and learn from them and experience their goodness. If you are not a Muslim, still our reader! You’re welcome. We are honored that you clicked on our site.

We at The Muslim Traveler don’t promote radicalization, hate, racism, or any other bad ideologies in any way, we are completely against all of them. Those who bring love between two different people, two different communities, two different nations, We love them. Those who try to break the brotherhood among people, we oppose them with our good words.

Disclaimer: with all the respect to our readers and visitors: We might have different views about travel and different experiences in travel. But at themuslimtraveler.net, The objective is not to hurt any sentiments or be biased in favor of or against any particular person, society, organization, gender, creed, nation, or religion. Kindly do not browse through the articles or pages if you believe that certain content of the page may be offensive to you or your values.