Who We Are?

Being Muslims we all need to travel for so many reasons, sometimes we travel for business & trades, and sometimes for meeting our relatives, and sometimes for some special religious activities like hajj & umrah, and sometimes we travel just to explore the wonders of this world. And it’s been always tough for Muslim travelers to find their ideal halal travel experiences, and avoid the bad experience in their journeys. That’s where The Muslim Traveler comes in and that’s where we are trying to play a meaningful role! bringing the real definition of halal travel.

The Muslim Traveler is an independent travel website & digital magazine built for Muslims by Muslims. The Muslim Traveler’s mission is to inform and inspire passionate travelers, like you. We cover Muslim-friendly destinations and provide service and inspiration at every point of your journey, from trip ideas to Muslim-friendly travel guidelines. We cover hajj & umrah, Muslim Heritage, historical landmarks and cities, hidden gems and destinations that are Muslim-friendly, beaches, and lakes, mountains, and valleys, national parks and outdoor adventures, halal food & dining experiences, and everything in between.

The Muslim Traveler is committed to helping you explore the world without compromising the ethics of Islam. The managing editor himself is a graduate of Islamic studies and always wanted to bring a positive impact into the Muslim/halal travel industry. And, our mission is to help Muslims travel the world better and safer without compromising the Islamic rules & regulations, and authentic guidelines from the Quran & Sunnah for travel and leisure. And we do it by publishing well-researched, pure & authentic content that is interesting and easy to understand.

What We Are Working on?

The goal of The Muslim Traveler is very simple and clear and we working on the following things

Inspiring Muslims to travel and explore the world

Helping Muslims to travel better and safer

Bringing The Real Definition of Halal Travel

As tourism has increased over time, Muslim travel has become more friendly with modern things and experiences, and it is becoming haram by acts and halal by words. Our intention is to be at the same definition of halal travel that is mentioned within Islam and guides people about what’s halal and what’s haram in travel as much as we can.

Our intention is to help Muslims travelers avoid bad and ugly experiences including nightlife, alcohol-friendly travel, and other activities that are prohibited in Islam, whether they travel for business, hajj & umrah, or just a vacation with their family. It is a very important aspect of our travel, which is not only getting Muslim-friendly facilities but it is more about being in a good environment, where you feel more blessed, safe, and the man of Imaan & Ethics.

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About The Editor & Team

Waliur R. Furqani — the founder & Editor of The Muslim Traveler, and a graduate of Islamic studies with a background of 10 years of studies including Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, and Islamic History, has discovered his passion for travel and helping Muslim travelers, and wanted to bring a positive impact through his travel stories and informative guides in the Muslim travel community.

The reason He started this blog is: there are a few Muslim bloggers in the travel space, most of them female bloggers, which is again a good thing, we really have to appreciate their efforts. But there is almost no male Muslim travel blogger in the travel blogging and content creation industry. Waliur used to be a generalist travel blogger and now He intends to fill that gap and wants to take the travel blogging industry in the Islam world and contribute something to Muslim travel literature.

Traveling is one of those things that He always enjoy, and wanted to share the stories with the world in an authentic way, and encourage people from different cultures to travel the world. Not because travel is fascinating and a method of getting from one place to another, but because traveling is a way to learn, gain the hikmah (knowledge), become a good human being, to develop an almost perfect mindset about this world and hereafter. And that’s what He’s traveling for, and He encourages others with this blog on the go.

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