When I started as a travel blogger it was hard to find a place where we can write the Islamic way of travel, but today we have this blog and we don’t want that to happen to any other Muslim writer, we will be honored to provide you with a place to write and start as a Muslim Travel Writer & Blogger.

If you are a writer & blogger and want to contribute a post or article to The Muslim Traveler? We would love to hear from you. We offer guest posts on interesting topics within travel from authors, writers, and bloggers. Your contribution will make an impact on the Muslim travel world.

But currently, we are not offering paid contributions, we are working on it. You write a post, you get the credit as an author and some links to your blog or social platforms. Also, you are allowed to share the post across your social channels and with your clients. But we will be the copyright owner after the submission, and we may change, update and edit your post in the future.

Note: We are looking for posts covering Muslim-friendly destination guides, food articles, things to do articles, history, and culture content, content related to the outdoors, and more related to travel. We advise you not to cover your personal travel story.

Share your crafted article along with 2-3 links to the editor here: waliur@themuslimtraveler.net